What is OAC?

One Army Coin (OAC) is a token build on ERC-20. It’s setup to empower our projects and the people involved. One Army and our community will continue grow. This token is to distribute the value we create all together. To share and celebrate the growth and reward early adopters.

Distribution of OAC

How does it work?

We created 7,850,356,92 OAC. (the amount of humans on earth) However unlike humans this amount of OAC won't change. it will never be more, never less. One Army Foundation stores 20% of the coins, 40% is reserverd for development in the community. The remaining 40% can be bought by anyone. The moment anyone purchases tokens the overal value of OAC increase. Giving us more resources to execute projects and reward the other OAC owners.

How do I get One Army Coin?

You can already support One Army on Patreon or make a single donation. But this is to take a more exciting approach! Right here, join One Army Coin, for the long run. You can purschase OAC on exchange, the moment you buy the value increases. The more people onboard, the more valuable it gets. And you can sell them at any time again.

Read here how to buy OAC 

Can I earn OAC?

Not yet! This is something we'd like to incorporate in our platforms in the future. Use this token to automatically reward volunteers and contributers that actively push our projects. That said, for now you’ll have to do the above way and help us pioneer for a bit.

OAC is still in Beta,